MID-term NEΤworking technologies in-Flight and Rig Validation for Avionic Applications

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Inside the Institute for Communications and Navigations, two separate groups are contributing to MINERVAA: The Optical Communications Group inside the Digital Networks Section as well as the Antenna Group of section Navigation.

MINERVAA aims to be a fundamental step on the roadmap to the implementation of future aeronautical broadband networks. These Networks will enable High-Data-Rate Services for Aircraft passengers, like In-Flight-Entertainment such as Video-On-Demand or High-Speed Internet Connections. Besides that, flight-relevant information with high amounts of data, e.g. high-resolution weather maps, could be made available for airplane-captains and -crews.

MINERVAA applied the paradigm “bringing the technologies from the lab to the aircraft”. The project validated in flight the Outside-aircraft optical link technology and, on a fully representative aircraft mock-up, several Inside-aircraft optical link specific applications. The project also further developed at a larger extent the basic research on Ka-band avionic phased-array antennas, already carried out in ATENAA.

The Institute for Communication and Navigation will contribute to MINERVAA with developments and evaluations for the Outer-Optical-Link-System as well as for the Ka-band avionic phased-array antennas.