Systems Modelling and Optimization

Module Information

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Module Objective

The purpose of this course is to acquire the necessary scientific knowledge at the application level modeling methods and optimization of systems management to investigate and fix the environmental impacts encountered.

Module Study Targets

Upon completion of the course, students:

  • will be familiar with the study of basic statistical issues (linear regression – correlation, analysis of variance, non-parametric hypothesis testing) with application in computer systems and
  • they will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to understand basic principles and methods thus being able to utilize in solving mathematical problems and analyzing statistical data

Module Acquired Abilities

  • The analysis of time series can be a difficult topic, and the aim in writing lecture notes has been to provide to provide a comprehensible introduction which considers both theory and practice
  • These notes can be used as a text that can be used for an undergraduate or post graduate course in time series analysis, or it can they can be used for self-tuition by research workers

Module Description

The core modules of the course include:

  • Forecasting methodology - Arma, Arima, Arimax, Box and Jenkins models - Artificial neural network models - Choice between alternative predictive models
  • Introductory concepts, models, simulation, modeling and simulation of environmental systems - Dispersion models of air pollutants from linear, surface and point sources - Lagrange approach method - Analytical and numerical methods - Transport and distribution of pollution over long distances. Examples of applications to environmental problems (air pollution, pollution of surface and groundwater, soil pollution, solid waste, noise, radiation)

Module Student Evaluation

Final Written Examination: 100%


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  • Brown L.C., Mac Berthouex P., "Statistics for Environmental Engineers", 2nd Edition, CRC Press (ISBN: 1-56670-592-4), 2002