Sensors – Measurements & Industrial Control (Laboratory)

Module Information

Module Semester:
Module Part:
Sub-Module Code:
Hours per Week:
Module ECTS Credits:
Available to ERASMUS Students:

Module Study Targets

Upon completion of the course the student / her will be able to:

  • Explain TIE basic concepts of industrial automation
  • Describe Sensors Physical structure, design, construction
  • Develop Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Networking Electronic Control Units
  • Support interface protocols of electronic control units (CAN), (LIN), FlexRay and (MOST)
  • Explain the architecture, operation, applications and programming of PLC
  • Develop building automation systems

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Team work
  • Analysis and synthesis of data and information on the use and the required technologies
  • Promotion of inductive thinking

Module Description

We deal with simple sensors on the market and circuits that use them in different applications. We focus on the study of the response of the sensors (such as selectivity, operating limits) and explain the basis of the particular features of the design / their technology. Using Labview program dealing with logging to a PC measurement we receive and their further exploitation

As for the Industrial Control focus on the most widespread network for this purpose, the CAN bus. After studying the basic principles of operation, tinker with development boards of Microchip, which connect microcontrollers to the CAN network.

Module Student Evaluation

Students’ evaluation comprises of the following:

Theoretical part (60%)

Laboratory (40%)


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