Robotics (Theory)

Module Information

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Module Objective

The course goal is to familiarize students with the fundamentals of robotics science which is a constantly evolving, contemporary and “inclusive” science with a significant impact in all areas of human activity.

Emphasis is given to the description and analysis of industrial robots, which are a key tool in all modern industrial production units.

Module Study Targets

Students should be able to:

  • Understand the structure and operation of an industrial robot
  • Develop industrial robotic applications
  • Examines Kinematic and dynamic analysis of robotic arms
  • Trajectory planning
  • Controlling of robots and intelligent robot
  • Composing of sensor systems in robotics
  • Examine the Engineering point of view in robotics
  • Apply robot programming languages

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Search, analysis and combination of data
  • Team work
  • Use of inductive thinking

Module Description

Introduction to robotics. Structure and function of the basic units of an industrial robot. Applications of robotics in industry and elsewhere. Kinematic and dynamic analysis of robotic arms. Trajectory Design. Control of robots. Intelligent robots. Sensory systems in robotics. Computer vision and robotics. Programming languages of the robots.

Module Student Evaluation

Written final exam (60%)

Laboratory exercises (40%)


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