Open Software Android

Module Information

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Module Objective

The course aims to introduce students to open software Android platform, to the Android Studio developement platform and use the basic concepts, techniques and planning principles for application development.

Module Study Targets

The course introduces postgraduate students to the platform and the development of applications of open software Android. Upon completion of the course, students will have:

  1. Identify the basic principles of the open software Android
  2. Explain the features and technical specs of Android mobile devices
  3. Review the Android Studio or Eclipse development platforms
  4. Design and produce applications οn Arduino platform
  5. Review systems based on open software Android

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Analysis, development and implementation of applications using Android
  • Evaluation of Android devices and their applications
  • Synthesis of techniques for composite problems
  • Knowledge of development tools
  • Ability for dialog and cooperation for the development of composite algorithms
  • Ability to follow the international bibliography and the scientific events
  • Ability perception problems and needs as well as ability for analysis and proposals synthesis
  • Promoting free, creative and inductive thinking to develop new strategic approaches

Module Description

  • Introduction to Java and open software Android
  • Using Android Studio development platform
  • Applications and Actions
  • User interface and design of a user interface
  • Intents, types of intents, uses of intents, intents broadcasting, broadcast receivers
  • Threads and Handlers
  • Storing data, types of storing
  • Communication and networking

Module Student Evaluation

Written examination = 60%

Semester Homework = 40%


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  • Mario Bohmer, "Beginning Android ADK with Arduino", Technology in Action
  • Andreas Goaransson, David Cuartielles Ruiz, "Professional Android Open Accessory", John Wiley and Sons, 2013

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