Microcontroller Development (Laboratory)

Module Information

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Module Objective

This course main goal is to allow students to understand how the computer hardware factions, to gain knowledge for the development the programming of such computer systems.

Module Study Targets

Students, after finishing this course, will be able to:

  • Describe the development of computer systems
  • Develop programs for computer systems
  • Develop programs and be able to establish communication between computers using the serial port RS-232 using Assembly, C or Visual Basic programming languages
  • Describe electronic elements and peripheral devices connected to the computer, in order to take control of them
  • Design electronic elements such as relays, diodes, transistors, keypads, LCD displays, stepper motors and magnetic card readers
  • Describe 8-bit microcontrollers of MCS-51 family
  • Describe 16-bit microcontrollers of MCS-96 intel family

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Able to work independent
  • Able to work in team
  • Analysis and combination of data using necessary technology
  • Use of inductive thinking

Module Description

Application programs and communication, using RS-232, with computer systems, which primary use microcontrollers, by using Assembly, C and Visual Basic programming languages. Describe of electronic elements and peripheral devices in order to archive control, such as analog to digital converters A / D and digital-to-analog, RS transducers-232, RS-422 / RS-485 to TTL and vice versa, relays, diodes, transistors, keypads, LCD displays, stepper motors, magnetic readers cards etc. Describe of 8-digit microcontrollers of MCS-51 family of Intel and other manufacturers' compatible with them. Describe of the 16-digit microcontrollers of Intel MCS-96 family.

Module Student Evaluation

Written final exam (60%)

Laboratory exercises (40%)


  • All provided books are in Greek. The student may use any relevant textbook from the Internet.