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Module Study Targets

The aim of the course module is to provide students with:

  1. Knowledge of solving linear systems using Linear Algebra.
  2. Ability to solve equations using complex numbers.
  3. Ability to use integrals in order to solve mathematical and mechanical problems.  
  4. Calculating integrals using the appropriate methods.
  5. Knowledge of vector’s analysis (inner product, angle, external product, etc).

Module Description

  1. Introduction to vector’s analysis.
  2. Inner product, external product, angle, vector measure.
  3. Basic laws of complex numbers.
  4. Calculations in complex numbers.
  5. The N-th roots of the unit.
  6. The N-th roots of a complex number.
  7. Calculating powers of complex numbers.
  8. Introduction to matrices.
  9. Solving linear systems using Crammer’s method.
  10. Gauss’s Method in linear systems.
  11. Inverse Matrix.
  12. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.
  13. Introduction to integrals and basics calculating methods.
  14. Integrated problems solving.


  • "Linear Algebra", Gilbert Strang, Publisher: Brooks Cole, 2006