Digital Control Systems (Laboratory)

Module Information

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Module Study Targets

The students should be able to:

  • use ordinary differential equations and Laplace transformation to model physical systems,
  • obtain dynamic responses of linear systems and determine their stability,
  • construct root-locus and Bode plots, and apply Nyquist criterion in the context of controller design,
  • obtain and manipulate state-space representation of dynamical systems using linear algebra, and
  • become fluent in digital control systems design

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Decision-making
  • Working independently
  • Team work

Module Description

  1. Introduction to feedback and digital feedback control
  2. Digital controllers as difference equations, solution of difference equations
  3. Forced response in digital equations
  4. Laplace transforms, solution of difference equations using z transforms
  5. Block diagram manipulation, finding system response using z transfer functions
  6. Converting continuous elements following zero order holds to digital form, behavior between samples, closed loop difference equation
  7. Predicting closed loop response of digital control systems with digital controllers and continuous plants
  8. Stability of digital control systems
  9. State space models of digital control systems
  10. State transition matrix
  11. Frequency Response Methods

Module Student Evaluation

Final exam (60%)

Written lab exams (40%)


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