Circuit Theory (Theory)

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Module Study Targets

It is a prerequisite course introducing students to circuit analysis, leading through to an intermediate level of using transforms (Laplace & Fourier).

The student upon the completion of the course he will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate analysis methodology.
  • Apply all the analysis methods.
  • Competence to provide transfer functions, frequency response plots, impulse and step response for different circuits.
  • Construct the functions of simple circuits by interpretation of specifications.
  • Identify different circuits.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge in performing the lab measurements.
  • Prepare simulation programs.
  • Organize presentation of your lab work.
  • A laboratory project using ICT means.

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information using the required technologies
  • Autonomous work

Module Description


  1. Introduction: Basic Principles & Definitions – Circuit Properties & Classification – Signals.
  2. Circuit elements – Laws – Energy & Power.
  3. Kirchhoff’s Laws – Analysis Methods: Loop-Current & Node-Voltage Methods, Matrix & Determinant Formulation of Equations.
  4. Time Response: Natural – Forced – Complete Response.
  5. Laplace Transform: Properties – Inverse Transform – Tables – Calculation Techniques.
  6. Circuit Analysis: Transfer & Driving Point Functions – Poles & Zeros – Step & Impulse Response.
  7. Fourier Transform: Frequency Analysis – Amplitude & Phase Response.
  8. Analog Filters – Filter Orders – Passive & Active Filters – Operational Amplifiers.



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