Applied Mathematics

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Module Study Targets

The aim of the course module is to provide students with:

  1. Knowledge of solving first order’s differential equations
  2. Ability to solve higher order’s differential equations and systems of differential equations.  
  3. Ability to use Laplace transformation in order to solve ordinary differential equations.  
  4. Ability to use fundamental Discrete functions and properties.
  5. Knowledge of solving delicate problems using the above methods in several fields.

Module Description

  1. Introduction differential equations.
  2. Homogeneous differential equations of first order.
  3. The use of the integral Euler factor m.
  4. Linear differential equations of first order.
  5. Several kinds of differential equations: Bernoulli, Ricatti, Clairaut, Euler, etc.
  6. Wrosky’s methods.
  7. Introduction to Laplace transformation.
  8. Solving differential equations using Laplace transformation.
  9. The reverse Laplace transformation and how we use it.
  10. Introduction to Discrete Mathematics. Fundamental Logic Definitions.
  11. Fundamental Set Theory.
  12. Introduction to Combinatorial Theory.


  • Gilbert Strang, "Introduction to Applied Mathematics", Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 1986