Applications of Open Software/Hardware

Module Information

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Module ECTS Credits:
Available to ERASMUS Students:

Module Objective

The course aims to introduce the graduate student in the open software Android combined with the open hardware Arduino widely used in recent years. The combined development of such applications will give the graduate student the ability to design and develop such applications in many scientific fields such as automation, mobile, medical informatics.

Module Study Targets

Upon completion of the course, students will have:

  1. An in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of the theory and principles in combining Android with Arduino
  2. Knowledge and skills in developing applications οn Android devices
  3. Knowledge and skills in developing applications οn Arduino platform
  4. Developing and programming in Android Studio and Arduino IDE
  5. Development and analysis of applications with peripheral devices (digital or analog sensors, Bluetooth devices, WiFi, Ethernet)
  6. Combined applications in Android and Arduino-Applications with USB, Bluetooth, WiFi

Module Acquired Abilities

  • Analysis, development and implementation of applications that combine Android and Arduino software/hardware
  • Evaluation of proposals related to connection of mobile devices with other peripheral devices
  • Synthesis of techniques for composite problems
  • Knowledge of development tools
  • Ability for dialog and cooperation for the development of composite algorithms
  • Ability to follow the international bibliography and the scientific events

Module Description

  • Introduction to the Android and Arduino platforms
  • Android platform – Review of Android programming from previous semester
  • Arduino platform – Platform description, devices and shields, embedded microcontroller, technical aspects
  • Developing in Arduino platform – Developing environment (IDE), introduction to programming
  • Programming – Analysis and development of applications with peripheral devices (digital and analog sensors, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet)
  • Composite applications with Android and Arduino – Applications with USB, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Semester’s project

Module Student Evaluation

Written examination = 60%

Semester project = 40%


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  • Simon Monk, "Raspberry Pi Cookbook", O’ Reilly, 2013