Web based application for documents management with a NoSQL database

Dissertation Information

  • Karystinos Pantelis

Dissertation Description

This paper is about the implementation of a web based application of Document Management (DMS) using the technology of NoSQL database and specifically MongoDB.

This application will reside under a server within the premises of an enterprise and could be available through the internet. The goal of this implementation is to include all the document archiving needs of a company (Invoice – Consignments with tax signature up to ISO procedure documents) through a friendly web user interface with minimal system requirements.

The use of MongoDB will be very helpful in transforming the whole documenting system to be more agile thanks to its schema-less structure. This will give the application the advantage of storing each department’s documents based on its needs.

The strong point of this application is the structured existence of indefinite attributes under each document. This will give the advantage of a better sorting and archiving of documents as well as the best possible integration with the data of an ERP system, linking them with the corresponding entries.