Vehicle control with Arduino and Labview

Dissertation Information

  • Soulioti Athanasia

Dissertation Description

The present dissertation involves the code development with the use of LabView software, in order to control remotely a model-car with Arduino board. It’s worth mentioning that there is not a sufficient amount of research papers on this field, despite the widespread of Arduino board. The LabView interface is still in its infancy and in a pilot phase. Its use is limited in specific systems, such as Arduino, Kinect, Raspberry pi e.t.c.

Within the framework of this paper, the use of LabView and Arduino has been examined. The use of both is extensive, but in different tasks without collaborating particularly. For the needs of the present paper, we studied the connection of the Arduino board with linux .     

Arduino used, primarily, as material for the construction of the mini-vehicle that allows us to control its DC motors. By programming the board with a specific firmware, made it possible to transfer data to the computer wirelessly.

On the other hand, the linx was used as software, making it possible to contact a software which is widely used as a virtual laboratory and demonstrate a new way that allows the combination of two different technologies. Based on the linx, data distribution and control of the vehicle is possible. For the car’s wireless control, it was necessary the use of xbee antennas, which had a catalytic role in the proper functioning of the mini-vehicle. Without them, the wireless control would not be possible.

Last but not least, this study explored the network communication mode of the antennas and made an analysis regarding their operating range behavior.