Robotic vehicle control from distance

Dissertation Information

  • Triantafillos Evaggelos

Dissertation Description

The aim of this paper is to develop a robotic vehicle, which will be driven by the user remotely via mobile phone. To achieve this, we used an Arduino board, a motor shield and for the wireless communication we used Bluetooth. A mobile phone is positioned on the robotic vehicle whose camera sends live feed to the vehicle operator’s mobile phone. To do this, a third party application named “ip webcam” has been used, and it’s available at the play store. The remote connection function (tethering) of the mobile that is placed on the robotic vehicle is activated and the operator’s phone is connected via WiFi in a local wireless network.

The handling of the vehicle is done by the operator’s mobile phone through Bluetooth. Specific signals are sent to the Bluetooth according to the motion that we perform on the mobile phone via the accelerometer.