NFC applications in Android mobile devices- Issuance of certificates by the Secretariat

Dissertation Information

  • Kouniaki Panagiota

Dissertation Description

The present thesis involves the development of an Android application using the NFC technology (Near Field Communication). NFC is a bidirectional and short-range wireless communication technology that has been targeted towards simplifying a variety of electronic device interactions without user mediation. Near Field Communication (NFC) standard covers communication protocols and data exchange formats. NFC technology is one of radio-frequency identification (RFID) standards. NFC technology uses devices such as NFC Tags. NFC Tags are miniscule, inexpensive, do not require their own power source and if installed in a suitable environment no maintenance is needed. As such they could be placed almost anywhere; on posters or other advertisements, on cards, key chains, bracelets and more. The application implementation was developed in view of the needs of the secretariat of the Department of Computer Engineering of Technological Institute of Piraeus. The aim is to simplify the procedure through which students apply for the issuing various types of certificates, during their studies. In order to run the application, each student needs to have a NFC tag that will be encoded to contain the student data. The NFC cards are provided to the students when registering in the Department. Additionally, an Android device with NFC technology is installed in a suitable location at the secretariat. When students touch their NFC cards to the Android device, the NFC tag is scanned and the application performs the required activities using the data transferred from the NFC Tag. Following, the students choose among the ones displayed in the device, the appropriate certificate for issuing, with the touch of a button. The application sends an email message to both the Secretariat and the student applicant with message that contains student’s data, date and the requested certificate. At the same time this information stored in a local database into the Android device. With this application we simplify the procedure of issuing certificates, since minimum actions are required from both students and the secretariat.