Design of Industrial products and systems

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  • Kalla Georgia

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In modern times product design industry includes several activities such as product design and manufacturing. The above mentioned activities include steps which have to do with the creation of the product and its trading in the market. Designing and manufacturing procedures are quite sophisticated, and as a result it is necessary for them to be segregated, aiming at production increase and quality improvement. The designing besides the product contrivance includes further steps such as the initial designing and modeling. Respectively, manufacturing includes production programming, materialization of the idea and application of quality inspection.

The product designing sector is highly lucrative and as a result industries run in an extremely competitive field. Effective designing as well as rapid and efficient manufacture are indispensable elements for products to be viable in the market. For the above mentioned preconditions to be satisfied technology and computer science contribution is necessary.

According to Marc Weiser “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” In our days computers take more and more place in our lives and activities. They offer help in the execution of any kind of work, provide search capability for any kind of information and solution of many problems. There are also many applications in the recreation area. By the minimization of size and enhancement of computing power Weiser’s vision becomes reality and new horizons are opened in the direction of integration to real world objects, in order to support daily living activities and ensure the better possible level of health, fitness and security. At the winter of our life, when we become more and more vulnerable, the question is if these technologies could protect us. Are these technologies mature for a wide range application? What are the preconditions for that to happen and what is the perspective for the future? Does it deserve to sacrifice a part of our privacy in order to ensure independent living to our place until our later life?