Design and development of an Android application in assessing the radio coverage of Greek providers of broadband mobile networks 3G (UMTS) και 4G (LTE)

Dissertation Information

  • Koulouras Grigoris

Dissertation Description

In the current thesis a mobile application development is presented, for receiving of actual signal strength measurements, on Android devices. The main object of this thesis is to estimate and display the realistic radio coverage of all available nationwide mobile operators. This implementation concerns both third generation (3G – UMTS) and fourth generation (4G – LTE) of mobile telecommunication networks. For that purpose, an Android application has been implemented, which receives and calculates the actual obtained signal power, including each current respective locational information (longitude and latitude), and finally transfers the above packet-switched data to a central database. Furthermore, a theoretical approach is also presented for the principles of the third and fourth generation of mobile telephony (aka cellular) technology.

Finally, as a summing-up note, all the aforementioned collected metrics are web accessible to all interested parties for further analysis, filtering and conclusions. The Android application is published in Play Store and available to download for free. All Greek mobile operators are supported – Available only for Greece.