Panagiotis Drosinopoulos

App. Lecturer


  • Master of Engineering in Electronic Engineering by Research, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield, Great Britain, 1979.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Honours), Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield, Great Britain, 1977.
  • Certificate of Graduation, Higher School of Electronics, 1974.

Academic Activities

  • 8BApr 1990 – Present
    Employer : T.E.I. of Piraeus, Department of Electronic Computer System Engineering.
    Position : Professor of Applications
    Description : Theory and Lab courses: Circuit Theory, Signals & Systems, Electronics Microprocessors and all entailed functioning such as lecturing, lab organization and supervision, lecture notes authoring, supervision of final year projects, design of new lab experiments and participation in several committees.
  • Oct 1983 – Apr 1990
    Employer : T.E.I. of Piraeus, Dept. of Electronics and Dept. of E.C.S.Engineering.
    Position : Supply Professor.
    Description : As above with added subjects for the Dept. of Electronics.
  • Oct 1989– Jun 1990
    Employer : Mediterranean College.
    Position : Professor.
    Description : Lecturing in English. Subjects : Introduction to Computer Science,
    Logic Circuits I & II, Computer Architecture. Organization of Electronic labs.

Research Interests

  • Analogue and digital audio signal processing.
  • Application of analogies and analogical circuits in solving engineering problems.
  • Experimental Musical instruments realizable by hardware and/or software.
  • Noise measurements, analysis and abatement.

Research Activities

  • LIFE+ European Research Program
  • Post Graduate Research Work

Writing Works

  • “Digital Audio Processing”, Course Textbook, Athens 2008 (in Greek).
  • “Circuit Theory”, Course Textbook, Athens 2008 (in Greek).
  • Electroacoustics.
  • Microprocessor families: Laboratory Experiments.
  • Telecommunications I & II: Laboratory Experiments.
  • Electronic Measurements: Laboratory Experiments.


  • "A Computer Architecture Educational System based on a 32-bit RISC Processοr", D. Mandalidis, P. Kenterlis, P. Drosinopoulos, "1st International Scientific Conference eRA, Supported by TEI of Piraeus (GR) & University of Paisley (UK), Tripolis 16-17 September 2006.
  • ‘Simulation of a microwave power FET’ J. Ellinas, P. Drosinopoulos, D. Manolakis, Modelling, Measurement and Control A, AMSE Press, Vol.49, No.2, 1993, pp 49-59.
  • «Εξομοίωση FET μέ μεγάλο πλάτος πύλης» Ι. Έλληνας, Π. Δροσινόπουλος, Τεχνικά Χρονικά Β, 1993, Τομ. 13, Τεύχος 4, σ. 33-49
  • ‘Application of the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction to the Scattering of Microwaves from Metallic Targets’, P. Drosinopoulos, MEng thesis,1979, p.86.
  • ‘Multi-Terminal Switches of Amorphous Semiconductors’, P. Drosinopoulos, BEng thesis,1977, p.60.
  • Several scientific/technical articles publicized in the “Sound” and “Stereophony” specialized magazines.