Graduate Profile

Students after completing their studies, according to the requirements of the curriculum, they acquire the title “Technological Education Electronic Computer Systems Engineering”. Graduates from the Department of Electronic Computer Systems Engineering, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, have the expertise that can work either independently or in collaboration with other scientists in the study, research and application of technology on modern and specific areas of Computer Systems and especially in the following areas:

  • Support integrated systems with the development or maintenance of the hardware and software in a system-level or application.
  • Study, design, programming and implementation to adapt peripherals to PC.
  • Study, design, programming, implementation and operation of computer automatic control systems and integrated industrial robotic systems.
  • Study, design, programming and development of computer networks.
  • Design and implementation of web applications or web environment for any kind of activity such as e-commerce, e-medicine, e-education and e-training.
  • Maintenance and operational management of computer networks and network services.
  • Analysis and implementation of systems for digital storage, transmission and processing of information.
  • Identify and operate computer based simulation systems.
  • Study, design, programming and implementation of expert systems for industry, medicine and management.
  • Design and development of information systems for environmental needs.
  • Technical support, maintenance of computer systems and representation of Greek or foreign computer systems manufacturers or companies with software distribution, network applications and services.