Postgraduate Academic Title

Academic Title and Duration of Studies

  1. The postgraduate courses will be conducted in Greek language.
  2. The conferred degree is “M.Sc. on Applied Information Systems”.
  3. The duration of the M.Sc. course is three academic semesters for full-time attendance and six academic semesters for part-time attendance.
  4. The maximum duration of study is specified to six semesters for full-time and twelve semesters for part-time attendance. After this period, the student is removed from the lists of this program and the fees paid are not refundable.
  5. The title is awarded when the student has completed all the courses provided by the curriculum and diploma thesis.
  6. The transcript, given to the graduate student after earning his M.Sc., includes the degrees of courses that the graduate student has passed and the title of his master thesis.