Graduate Profile

Students after completing their studies, according to the requirements of the M.Sc. program curriculum, they acquire the title “Master of Science in Applied Information Systems”. A Graduate from the M.Sc. program, of the Department of Electronic Computer Systems Engineering, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, has the expertise that can work either independently or in collaboration with other scientists in the study, research and application of technology in advanced technological aspects of IT Applications. Indicatively, he has the following capabilities:

  • Identify and program electronic circuits of very large scale of integration (VLSI programmed in VHDL).
  • Study, design and programming web applications in Java language.
  • Plan and programming web applications, from a simple website to an online store, and analyze security in electronic commerce.
  • Study, design and programming applications for mobile devices which operate with the Android open software platform.
  • Analyze, design, plan and develop software / hardware applications for Android mobile devices communicating with other peripherals.
  • Identify, operate and maintain integrated industrial control systems, industrial control networks.
  • Analyze, design, plan and develop applications for mechatronic and embedded systems.
  • Identify and manage the operation of modern broadband networks.
  • Identify advanced network technologies and manage the security of computer networks.