Thesis Information

  1. The M.Sc. staff announces a list of topics in time.
  2. The rapporteur of a thesis is also the supervisor. Supervisors may be researchers or scientific associates of Piraeus University with a doctoral degree in a relative research activity.
  3. The duration of a thesis is one semester and no more than two.
  4. The thesis can be repeated only once, in case of refusal, otherwise the graduate student only receives a certificate for attendance.
  5. The thesis is examined by a three-member committee, where the supervisor chairs. The way of thesis writing follows a specification guide (print and electronic) and a copy remains in the department’s library.

The Department has a cooperation with Cranfield University of Great Britain as follows:

  • Students may attend courses in Cranfield under Erasmus framework.
  • The thesis may be done in Cranfield under Erasmus framework.
  • Students may continue to doctoral studies.