Application Information

Admission timetable

  • Submission of applications: July 1 to September 25, 2015.
  • Candidate Interviews: 28 to 29 September 2015.
  • Announcement of candidates admitted: 30September, 2015.
  • First semester courses: 2 October to 10 January, 2015.
  • First Semester Exams: 18 to 31 January 2015.

Graduates categories admitted to M.Sc.

The graduates that are admitted must be from domestic or foreign universities with technological orientation or graduates who work in areas related to information systems, automation systems, telecommunication systems and computer systems.
Indicative admitted university graduates are from all domestic or foreign departments of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, Automation, Physics and Mathematics, ASPAITE, Higher Military Schools and departments related to scientific knowledge.

Admission procedure

  1. The Department announces every year the admission of up to 50 postgraduate students according to the current applicable provisions.
  2. The admission applications are processed by a Committee defined after a Department’s GASC decision.
  3. The Committee shall examine the complete file of each candidate and is entitled to request any relevant documents that have not submitted and ask candidates to interview.
  4. The Committee proposes to the GASC for acceptance or rejection of the candidate. The reserve list is confirmed by the GASC while unsuccessful applicants are informed and their application is filed.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are:

  • Degree ranking
  • The transcript of the undergraduate courses or another postgraduate course on the subject of the M.Sc.
  • Reference Letters.
  • Good knowledge of foreign languages, especially English.
  • Subject and quality of the dissertation or thesis.
  • Other works of the candidate at the undergraduate level.
  • Success in the personal interview.
  • Any research and professional activity.

The candidates are enrolled in the M.Sc. of the Department of Computer Systems Engineering following a decision of the GASC. At the date of the written acceptance of candidates for postgraduate studies, applicants are not required to have already graduated from their undergraduate courses but should be nearing their successful completion. The enrollment for postgraduate studies in the Department can be finalized when they will become graduates.

Supporting documents

The required documents for submitting the application for registration in the M.Sc. program are:

  1. Application to the Secretariat of the Department. The application form is available on the website:
  2. Certified copy of the undergraduate degree. If the degree comes from an equivalent foreign institution, the corresponding certificate of equivalence by DOATAP must be submitted.
  3. Certified copies of any recognized postgraduate degrees.
  4. Transcript of undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  5. Certificate of the Secretariat of the Department from which graduated showing the range of graduation or series score in relation to other students.
  6. Curriculum vitae. This should include a summary of the thesis or dissertation, a brief report of scientific and professional interests and state the reasons why the candidate is interested in postgraduate studies.
  7. Copies of  any scientific publications, awards and work experience.
  8. Two (2) reference letters. A reference letter form is available from the website. The letters can be sent directly by the authors at the address below:

To The M.Sc. Committee
250 P. Ralli & Thivon
12244 Egaleo, Greece

For an application, you will need the following documents: