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The Department of Electronic Computer Systems Engineering of the Piraeus Univeristy of Applied Sciences founded in 1984 and it is aiming to educate students on fields related to science and technology of Computer Systems (Software and Hardware) and on Computer Systems applications in communication, industry, medicine, economy and education.

Since the academic year 2013-2014, the Department organized the M.Sc Program entitled “Applied Information Systems”, with emphasis on applications and new technologies of Computer Systems. The program is approved by the Ministry of Education, FEK 140 / 01.28.2014 / B’ and operates under the Law N. 3685 / 16.07.2008. The admission in the first semester of studies is performed by invitation at the beginning of each academic year. The purpose of this program is to offer high quality education to new technologies related to computer and information systems and their industrial applications and familiarize students with research in these areas.

The Department in collaboration with the Education School of the University of Nottingham, UK offers a new Master of Arts course  in “Education Sciences and Learning Technologies”. The course starts next September 2016 and is approved by the Ministry of Education (FEK 106_27.01.2016_ Β’_No. 78).